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We Need You – What Do You Need ?


  • To save 40% on parts costs when replacing a transmission, by replacing the complete unit with a changeover remanufactured transmission and not a new unit?
  • The services of a national remanufacturer who can respond to the OE’s needs quickly. Rather than relying on overseas suppliers, meaning less warehouse & freight costs therefore less time off the road for your customer.
  • A turn-key solution for the manufacturer & dealers regarding:
    • orders
    • distribution
    • invoicing
    • core tracking
    • freight 
    • warehousing
    • stock on hand
  • To stop the disposal of complete transmissions when over 80% of the internal components are serviceable.
  • A Proactive remanufacturing process:
    • that works with the OE to keep up to date any upgrades modifications or current fixes and improved/superseded OE parts
    • can also supply root cause analysist -therefore, providing live feedback to the OE, which will potentially remove any issues.
    • presently we stock over 300 units of remanufactured transmissions supporting current OE’s – meaning less time off the road, with the most popular models kept in stock.
  • An expert within the nation assisting dealers with diagnosis, technical assistance and working with your OE Technical departments & engineers.
  • Consistency with one supplier following the OE’s recommendations when remanufacturing transmissions.
  • A third-party supplier Warranting all their work.
  • To Avoid part repairs of transmissions, therefore ensuring dealer and customer satisfaction plus saving time, and VOR’s.
  • Better record keeping, an independent source that can supply monthly reports on orders, shipping, invoicing, cores, etc.
  • Quality – Every single unit we remanufacture is Dyno tested, some models have a 100-point test, don’t be a test dummy and have the Dealership be the first to run a transmission after they have installed it.
  • An industry leading supplier’s website supporting your brand and product, containing order forms, fitting tips, model ranges, FAQ’s and contact information.
  • To enhance your current environmental policies:
    • Be greener and have a better environmental footprint by remanufacturing transmissions as opposed to disposing of the units as Waste.
    • A greener transportation method by using specially made reusable shipping pods and not wasting precious resources on cardboard and wooden pallets.

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March 30, 2020