Our Mission

Some companies love fluffy mission statements about ‘putting dents in universes’ and the like.

FluidDrive’s mission statement is more a trans-mission statement.

Something that we see as grounded – but no less grand.

It’s simply this:

And those three little words are both our purpose and our promise. All our staff get excited by the fact that when we set out to remanufacture a transmission, our goal is to make it ‘better than new’. And this guides EVERYTHING we do – from taking the order to shipping the part.

It might not put a dent in the universe, but it does put a smile on the face of our clients, their clients and all our staff — and that’s a worthwhile mission in our mind.

over 50 5 Star Google reviews cannot be wrong!

To find out why we are “BETTER THAN NEW” why not give us a call.