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ASNU Transmission Products joins FluidDrive Holdings Pty Ltd

ASNU Transmission Products joins our FluidDrive Holdings Pty Ltd business, further boosting capacity and holistic product offering to the market.  ASNU is Australia’s largest and most experienced remanufacturer and creator of standard and performance torque converters and has established itself as the market leader with an estimated 1 in 4 torque converters sold by ASNU each day in Australia. Now partnering with FluidDrive Australia’s largest OEM remanufacturer of Automatic transmissions.

 ASNU’s factories in Brisbane, Sydney and within Fluiddrive in Melbourne are the best equipped in Australia with precision machinery, highly skilled technicians and the largest range of torque converter parts in stock anywhere in Australia, delivering reliable and dependable product across both OEM and aftermarket sectors of the market. In addition to High Performance Converters, Industrial Torque Converters and Marine Transmissions – ASNU’s technicians can help to design a custom converter specifically matched to your needs, whether high performance, heavy duty or any other specialised application.