Company History

The FluidDrive transmission repair business began in 1963 growing to include several OEM Companies during its over 55 year history.

In 1996 the direction of the company changed. With the brand well established and its heritage of quality and sound customer service approach, FluidDrive was able to develop a relationship with OEM Companies firstly General Motors Holden and later Mazda Australia, Mitsubishi and Hyundai.

Initially these relationships were developed to provide support services, which included remanufacturing of transmissions, root cause analysis, distribution and logistics, aimed at providing a solution with associated cost savings benefits.

As the relationship with OEM Companies grew, the retail transmission programmes were implemented by FluidDrive and OEM Companies to assist dealers in customer retention by offering cost competitive high quality repairs for transmission replacement post the vehicles warranty expiration.

In 2007 FluidDrive obtained the accreditation of a new quality standard, that of IATF16949. This newly achieved accreditation will continue to support the robust foundation of quality practices used and provided to the automotive industry by FluidDrive.

All this has made FluidDrive today into one of Australia’s most experienced, respected and successful specialists in the remanufacture and repair of transmissions.