Better than new

FluidDrive's mission statement is more a trans-mission statement; something that we see as grounded but no less grand. It's simply: Better Than New.

#1 For quality

Our size and scale lets us deliver unbeatable value back to our customers. For example it allows us to have production line operations servicing front and rear wheel transmissions simultaneously, with the efficiency of specialists at each stage. There’s also the little things, like our electrical testing, which is both environmentally and financially more responsible. See, because we test every part we save you big time on unnecessary part replacement.

The Need For Speed

Our promise, on all our original part, totally re-manufacturer transmissions is ‘Better Than New’. That’s a big claim, so we make sure we can back it up. That’s why we’ve developed the FluidDrive 7 Step ‘Better Than New’ process that has more stages, more care and more testing than any other transmission shop in the country (and maybe even the world). In fact, many OEMs and OTMs rely on our defect remedy reports to identify required fixes and optimise transmission manufacturing for local conditions.

Dollars and sense

When a customer’s car is off the road it’s a big deal. It’s a big deal for them, it’s a big deal for the marquee brand and it’s a big deal for the dealer. Everybody’s losing trust, reputation and dollars – and it gets worse the longer it goes on. That’s why we promise dispatch within 24 hours on stock units for our partners. We’re able to do this because we hold Australia’s largest transmission stock and throughput levels.

Don’t Take Our Word For it!

We’re not sure how they named IATF16949 , but we think it’s the number of items on audit team SAI Global’s checklist before they grant this – the highest level of certification available in the automotive industry. Every year we endure the annual three day audit across staff and training, work processes, manufacturing and quality, order processing and quality control – and we’re proud we’re still the only Aussie transmission shop to pass the test.