What are FluidDrives opening hours?

Monday to Friday 7.30-5.00

Where is FluidDrive located?

70 Raglan Street, Preston, Victoria, 3072, Australia.

Where does FluidDrive ship to?

Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and the Middle East.

Where do FluidDrive hold stock?

Although our premises are in Preston Victoria, we also hold stock within the dealer network and at our sister companies in WA, QLD, and Tasmania.

Does FluidDrive need my old transmission sent to them?

Yes we do, it is an exchange programme, if this is not possible please contact us.

What if the core unit has been dismantled?

Due to the possibility of either parts missing or getting damaged whilst in transit, all exchange cores must be complete otherwise cores charges may be applied.

Will FluidDrive remanufacture my core/own unit?

FluidDrive do not like to do this in case it gets fitted, and the original fault is still present, so it is only done in a worst case scenario when no other core unit is available.

Does the remanufactured FluidDrive transmission come with a torque convertor?

Yes it does. All of our torque convertors are either new or fully reconditioned.

Are all FluidDrive remanufactured transmissions Dyno Tested?

Yes they are all fully dyno tested before they leave our premises.

Do the FluidDrive remanufactured transmissions come with oil in them?

As they are dyno-tested, yes there will be some oil still in the unit, but once it is fitted and connected to the vehicle oil cooler it will need to be checked and topped up with the recommended specified oil.

What Warranty does the FluidDrive remanufactured transmissions come with?

It does vary from manufacturer to manufacturer but a rough minimum guide is

12 months/20,000klms (whichever comes first) for Commercial vehicles and

24 Months/40,000klms (whichever comes first) for Passenger vehicles.

Can I bring a Car into the FluidDrive premises for work to be carried out?

Due to the setup of our factory this is not possible, we are however happy to help out any local dealers or private owners with road-testing/diagnosis etc.

Does FluidDrive offer technical assistance?

Yes we do for manufacturers, dealers and even private owners. We are happy to help. Either give us a call 03 9485 9777  or contact us via email on the contact page.

How do I order a FluidDrive remanufactured transmission?

This is dependent upon the manufacturer.

Holden Direct dealers need to load orders through DMS, and then all dealers must fill in the Excel Remanufactured transmission order form and email to order.management@gm.com and cc to gmreman@fluiddrive.com.au.

Hyundai Fill in the PDF Hyundai exchange transmission request form and email to hmcatrans@fluiddrive.com.au.

Mazda fill in the Excel FluidDrive exchange transmission request form and email to mazdatrans@fluiddrive.com.au.

For all other manufacturers either give us a call 03 9485 9777 or contact us via email on the contact page.

Are The order forms available on the Website?

Yes they are, use the order form tab at the top of the screen.

How do I return a transmission core?

With all of our remanufactured exchange transmissions we do supply fitting and return details, a summary of which are:

Holden contact Ceva 132 422, use the Holden account, GM9900, quote the transmission serial number (found on the black & white sticker on the outside of the cocoon 2700000????? Also record it on the supplied return con note.

Hyundai & Mazda contact Ceva on 132 422, quote FluidDrive’s account number UF5600, the part number and the serial number of the unit you received – this can be found on the black & white stickers on the cocoon.

How are the dealerships invoiced for the FluidDrive remanufactured transmissions?

This is dependent upon the manufacturer.

Holden dealers receive an invoice from Holden.

Hyundai the dealer receives the first invoice for labour oil & freight, once FluidDrive receive the faulty core unit, it is remanufactured, and the dealer receives a second invoice for the parts used to remanufacture their faulty core.

Mazda dealers receive an invoice from FluidDrive

How do I know which transmission to order?

This is dependent upon the manufacturer.

Holden check what unit is fitted to the vehicle, and by using the VIN on the GM EPC.

Hyundai using the VIN check on the Hyundai spare parts system.

Mazda after your order is submitted, FluidDrive use the VIN to identify which unit is required. In some instances FluidDrive will contact you to verify AWD or 2WD.

What happens if I/we ordered the wrong FluidDrive remanufactured transmission?

Holden Please contact the Order Management team on 1800 463 325

All other brands As long as the transmission has not been fitted/programmed please notify us of the serial number (can be found on the outside of the packaging 2700000?????) we will flag it as coming back unused. Once it has been received we will inspect it, and if all ok will issue a credit – Note this may not include the freight costs.

What is the order cut off time?

FluidDrive order cut off time is 1pm, any order received before then for a transmission that is in stock will be shipped the same day.

What is the difference between Remanufactured, overhauled and reconditioned?

When FluidDrive remanufacture a transmission, it is fully dismantled all parts are cleaned, inspected and if required replaced with new OEM parts, any updates/modifications are carried out. There is a list of MRP’s (mandatory replacement parts) for every model which includes, seals, gaskets and o-rings etc. These are replaced regardless of their condition, the unit is then rebuilt, painted and dyno tested. This is why we state that our remanufactured transmissions are Better Than New. With reconditioning and overhauling, the units are stripped and repaired often using second hand and non-genuine/aftermarket parts, some seals gaskets etc are reused and it is very rare that these units are dyno tested. It is a cheaper option and as with most things you get what you pay for.

What transmissions are available?

We currently remanufacture transmissions for three Brands: Holden, Hyundai and Mazda.

Holden Transmissions
Model ID GM Pt no Model ID GM Pt no
9/0/1HDD 17803702 3JBW 17804537
0-1BW/RA 17803796 3GQW 17804538
2AGA 17803981 3RFR 17804542
2AHA 17803982 2B9A 17804547
1DNW 17803991 2B7A 17804548
1DFW 17804030 4/5CVA 17804551
4HD 17804246 4AGA 17804555
6HD 17804253 4DOS 17804559
7HD 17804257 4FFS 17804560
0HB 17804260 4JBW 17804570
8HF 17804263 4DXW 17804578
1-2HN 17804266 4DYW 17804580
9HS 17804267 3/4JBW 17804581
1-2HF 17804270 4SAW 17804582
9-1-2HP 17804271 1TKW 92283886
3HA 17804277 4SDW 92288199
3HZ 17804278 5B7A 92288200
4HA 17804279 4B7A 92288616
4HF 17804280 0-2CV/CPA 92288617
4HN 17804281 3FGR 92288854
4HW 17804283 3FHR 92288855
4HX 17804284 4B9A 92288924
4HZ 17804285 5B9A 92288925
5-6HHD 17804288 3RAW 92507565
5-6HKD 17804289 4DSA 92507872
6HLD 17804290 4GCW 92507970
5-6HAD 17804291 4GFR 92507971
5-6HWD 17804292 4GLR 92507972
5-6HXD 17804295 4GMR 92507973
7HTD 17804296 1VLW 92509054
5-6HMD 17804298 1VFW 92509055
7-8HSD 17804298 3KCW 92509060
8HHD 17804299 5FBS 92509066
7-8HJD 17804302 5GLR 92509067
7-8HBD 17804303 5SDW 92509067
7CRA/CVA 17804306 5SAW 92509068
8-9CVA 17804308 5CQW 92509071
1TOR 17804326 5GFR 92509075
1TNR 17804330 5DYW 92509075
2CWA/2C3A 17804372 5/6DOS 92509076
1JQW,2JRW 17804517 5GCW 92509077
1DXS,2/3NAS 17804519 5GMR 92509080
2GHW 17804524 6FHS 92509081
1TTR/2RDR 17804528 6CWW 92509082
2GNR 17804529 5-7HBG 96042756
2GOR 17804530 5-7HAG 96043038
3GXS 17804532 8HJG 96043351
1DP,2JU,3CNW 17804536 9HKG 96043352
   2AFS  17804522


Hyundai Transmissions
Car Model   Pt No   Car Model Pt No
Getz TB 1.4 & 1.6             45000-22981 I40 45000-3BDR0/2
I20 PB 1.4/6          45000-23060/5 I45 YF 2.4  45000-3B860
I20 PB 1.4   45000-23615 I45 YF 2.4  45000-3BEC0
ACCENT MC 1.6        45000- 22IC3/5/6 I45 YF 2.0  45000-3B600
ACCENT MC 1.6        45000-22933/230 I45 YF 2.0 45000-3BDL0
ACCENT MC   45000-23520 TUSCON JM 2.0 45000-39611
ACCENT   45000-23151 TUSCON JM 2.0 45000-39AH0
ACCENT RB   45000-26037 TUSCON JM 2.0 45000-39146/7
ELANTRA HD 2.0          45000-23360/5 IX35 LM 2.0/4 45000-3B640/70
ELANTRA MD 2.0      45000-26310/3/7 IX35 LM 2.0D 45000-3B250/5
I30 FD 2.0   45000-23430/5 IX35 LM 2.4 45000-3B710
I30 FD 1.6                         45000-23050 IX35 LM/EL           45000-3B9A2/V2
I30 FD 1.6                          45000-23440/2 IX35 LM/EL 45000-3BGB0
I30 FD 1.6P   45000-23140/5 TRAJET 45000-39326
I30 FD 1.6D   45000-23545 GRANDEUR 45000-3A600
I30 GD 1.6D   45000-3BJD0/2 SANTA FE CM 2.7          45000-39AC5
I30 GD 1.8   45000-26320/4 SANTA FE CM 3.3           45000-3A562
I30 GDE   45000-26144 SANTA FE CM 2.2D   45000-3A576/8/9
i30   45000-2F700 SANTA FE CM 2.2D  45000-3B415/45
SONATA NF 2.4            45000-39023/4 SANTA FE CM 3.5           45000-3B265
SONATA NF   45000-3A235 SANTA FE CM 2.4       45000-3BEX0
SONATA NF 3.3        45000-3A520 SANTA FE CM 2.2          45000-3B455
SONATA NF 2.0D           45000-39304 ILOAD TQ 2.4               45000-4A150/5
I40   45000-3BEJ0/2 IMAX 2.5D 45000-4C505/10/11/12/18


Mazda Transmissions
VDS is the 4th 5th & 6th character of the VIN
Car Model VDS Car Model VDS
121 DW1032 MPV LW10J
121 DW1052 Tribute C6ZTV
323 BJ10M1/2 Tribute C8ZTV
323 BJ10P1/2 Tribute YU061
323 BJ10S2 Tribute YU081
626 GF10S2 Tribute CU081
Mazda 2 DY10Y1/2 E2000 SKY0E2
Mazda 2 DE10Y1/2 E2000 SKX0E2
Mazda 3 BK1031/2 RX8 FE1031/2
Mazda 3 BK10F1/2 CX5 KE1071
Mazda 3 BL10F1/2 CX5 KE1021
Mazda 3 BL10L1/2 CX7 ER1031/2
Mazda 3 BL1072 CX7 ER10L2
Mazda 6 GG1031/2 CX9 TB10A1/3/4
Mazda 6 GH1051/2 BT-50 UNY0E3/4
Mazda 6 GY1031/2 BT-50 UNY0W4
Premacy CP10P1 BT-50 UP0YF1
Premacy CP10S2 BT-50 UP0YD1

What you couldn’t find the question you wanted here ?

please contact us via our contact page, or phone on 03 9485 9777 and we will be happy to assist with your enquiry.

1. Always confirm you have the right model replacement transmission for the vehicle which you are fitting it too, refer to the transmission identification guide and/or just compare it to the transmission that is being removed (as long as the wrong transmission has not been fitted previously).

2. Ensure the oil cooler is flushed and not blocked or obstructed. Always conduct a cooler flow test 1 litre in 20 seconds is about right when flushing the cooler lines – Use a clear container so you can see the fluid to check if it is burnt or has water in it. This will also give you a guide to see the flow and we suggest a 2 litre plastic milk container is ideal.

3. In regards to the 4 speed transmission range sensor connectors on the side of the transmission, we believed it is best to leave them in positions and undo the two retaining bolts as they generally seize in position and become hard to move.

4. The dowels from the engine block can get stuck in the automatic transmission so when you fit a remanufactured transmission please make sure they’re still in the engine block. When they are not in place the transmission can become misaligned, causing one or more of the following: oil leaks, drone, or a driveline vibration.

5. When fitting the transmission it pays to leave the converter bracket on until you lift the transmission on to the trans jack. This will stop the converter from moving out of the pump gears and therefore this will prevent them from getting broken during fitment to the convertor, once the bracket has been removed, ensure the convertor is still pushed back as far as it will go.

6. Always tighten in the transmission with hand tools, do not use air tools. Once the convertor is tightened into place, ensure the convertor still spins freely and that no wires or looms become trapped between the engine and transmission bellhousings.

7. Fill with fresh fluid, always using the correct ACDelco fluid.

8. Make sure the battery terminals are in good condition so that no concern could develop due to poor earths or connections.

9. Clear any existing DTC Codes. If this process is not followed, then old codes could potentially still be stored in the history.

10. It is essential that you check the PCM software calibration to ensure that it has the latest software. If not it must be updated. Run a service fast learn whenever you change a transmission or a TCM and then road test the car for a minimum of 20 kilometres. After road tested recheck the oil level and adjust as required.